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Paper: On Spurious Numerics in Solving Reactive Equations
Volume: 474, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM2012)
Page: 245
Authors: Kotov, D. V.; Yee, H. C.; Wang, W.; Shu, C.-W.
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to investigate the difference in spurious behavior in solving the fully coupled reactive equations (without the fractional step method), when compared with the commonly used fractional step method using the Strang splitting in solving the reactive equations. Studies indicate that both procedures may cause an incorrect propagation speed of discontinuities if the reactive source terms are stiff. Solution behavior using a cut-off safeguard procedure if densities are outside the permissible range with the no-safeguard option is included. Solving the fully coupled reactive equations using the no-safeguard option is preferred for consistency.
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