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Paper: The End of the Dark Age and The Formation of the Structure of the Universe
Volume: 353, Stellar Evolution at Low Metallicity: Mass Loss, Explosions, Cosmology
Page: 329
Authors: Einasto, J.; Saar, E.
Abstract: We give an overview of observational data on the early evolution of the structure of the Universe. Direct data come from the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation observations, spectral data on distant quasars, and most recently on distant galaxies. These data are supplemented by modern numerical experiments, which include, in addition to gravity, also hydrodynamical information. The bulk of data suggests, that the early evolution was complex, first Population III stars were formed very early, at redshifts z ≈ 50, these stars re-ionized the gas and enriched it with heavy elements. Galaxy mergers have important role in the early evolution, giving rise to the growth of supermassive black holes at centers of galaxies.
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