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Paper: The Planck Mission and Beyond
Volume: 353, Stellar Evolution at Low Metallicity: Mass Loss, Explosions, Cosmology
Page: 403
Authors: Heinaemaeki, P.
Abstract: The forthcoming cosmic microwave background (CMB) anisotropy satellite Planck will map the primordial CMB sky with unprecedented detail, resolution, and sensitivity. It will be the third generation space mission (after COBE and WMAP satellites) dedicated for the CMB observations. It will also measure the polarization of the CMB, which will give independent and unique information on the CMB anisotropy. As a 'by-product', Planck observations will provide a wealth of information about many layers of intervening foregrounds. Planck will be dual-launched with the Herschel far-infrared telescope in 2007. I will give a review of the scientific and technical status of the mission.
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