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Paper: The CCAT Software System
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 49
Authors: Jenness, T.; Brazier, A.; Edwards, K.; Marsden, G.; Nikola, T.; Ossenkopf, V.; Padin, S.; Sayers, J.; Schaaf, R.; Shepherd, M.
Abstract: CCAT will be a 25-meter telescope for submillimeter astronomy located at 5600 m altitude on Cerro Chajnantor in northern Chile. CCAT will combine high sensitivity, a wide field of view, and a broad wavelength range (0.35 to 2.1 mm) to provide an unprecedented capability for deep, large-area multicolor submillimeter. It is planned to have a suite of instruments including large format KID cameras, a large heterodyne array and a KID-based direct detection multi-object spectrometer. The remote location drives a desire for fully autonomous observing coupled with data reduction pipelines and fast feedback to principal investigators.
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