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Paper: Public Data at CeSAM
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 199
Authors: Moreau, C.; Le Brun, V.; Agneray, F.; Gimenez, S.; Roehlly, Y.
Abstract: Modern large observational programs produce important amounts of data from various origins, and need high level data-quality control, fast data access via easy-to-use graphic interfaces, as well as possibility to cross-correlate informations coming from different observations. The Centre de donneS Astrophysique de Marseille (CeSAM) has for mission to provide support to the teams in charge of the observational programs (specifications, software development and infrastructures), to produce and give the final data by proposing tools increasing their scientific value. We present here the various datasets hosted by the CeSAM under the ANIS environment. Even if mainly oriented towards large spectro-photometric extragalactic samples, we host as well an exoplanet transit database, or resolved galaxy data. The main datasets are those from the VVDS final release (45000 spectra), the Herschel extragalactic surveys (HerMES, HRS, GOODS-Herschel, VNGS), the CFHTLS-WIDE photometric redshifts catalog (17 millions objects), or the HST-COSMOS information system, that allows request from any of the 6 and access to the corresponding values in the other catalogs.
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