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Paper: ExoDat Information System at CeSAM
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 203
Authors: Agneray, F.; Moreau, C.; Chabaud, P.; Damiani, C.; Deleuil, M.
Abstract: CoRoT (Convection Rotation and planetary transits) is a space based mission led by French space agency (CNES) in association with French and international laboratories. One of CoRoT's goal is to detect exoplanets by the transit method. The Exoplanet Database (Exodat) is a VO compliant information system for the CoRoT exoplanet program. The main functions of ExoDat are to provide a source catalog for the observation fields and targets selection; to characterize the CoRoT targets (spectral type, variability , contamination...);and to support follow up programs. ExoDat is built using the AstroNomical Information System (ANIS) developed by the CeSAM (Centre de donneeS Astrophysique de Marseille). It offers download of observation catalogs and additional services like: search, extract and display data by using a combination of criteria, object list, and cone-search interfaces. Web services have been developed to provide easy access for user's softwares and pipelines.
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