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Paper: WCSTools: Catalogs, Headers, and FITS Files, Oh My!
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 231
Authors: Mink, J.
Abstract: WCSTools is a package of tasks written in very portable C, the main purpose of which is to assign world coordinate systems to images of astronomical fields. These tools, which access source and manipulate image headers, compute transformations between pixels and spatial coordinates, and convert times, use a self-contained library of subroutines which have been combined into command-line executable tasks. Separate use of the various catalog searching tasks as well as the variety of ways in which the header and file reading and writing tasks can aid astronomical work will be discussed. Access to the USNO UCAC3 and UCAC4 catalogs as well as implementation of the IRAF ZPX polynomial projection and the SCAMP image distortion model will be described, as will other major fixes and upgrades, ending with brief note as to the advantages and disadvantages of distributing understandable, open source code.
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