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Paper: WIRwolf: A Pipeline for Calibrating and Stacking CFHT WIRCam Data
Volume: 485, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII
Page: 387
Authors: Gwyn, S. D. J.
Abstract: The CFHT WIRCam archive contains over 250,000 images on 7000 pointings covering a total of 700 square degrees. These images have considerable legacy value. However, the and stacking of the images is non-trivial, making use of the archival data difficult. The goal of WIRwolf is to increase the usage of archival WIRCam data by combining individual images into well-calibrated stacks. WIRwolf will be run on all WIRCam data as they become public. WIRwolf is also available for processing proprietary PI data.
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