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Paper: Recent Science Results from the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer
Volume: 487, Resolving The Future Of Astronomy With Long-Baseline Interferometry
Page: 281
Authors: Hutter, D. J.
Abstract: The latest science results from the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer (NPOI) are summarized. Major areas reviewed include 1) recent results on NPOI imaging and orbits of radio star systems, with emphasis on the delineation of the Algol triple system; 2) NPOI observations that complement speckle interferometry programs by measurement of those portions of the orbits inaccessible at the resolution of speckle; 3) revised orbits for systems of particular astrophysical interest such as δ Sco; and 4) applications of advanced coherent integration techniques to the determination of ultra-precise stellar angular diameters in exoplanet and other systems.
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