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Paper: Simulated MROI Imaging of AGN Dust Tori and Stellar Surfaces
Volume: 487, Resolving The Future Of Astronomy With Long-Baseline Interferometry
Page: 289
Authors: Young, J. S.; Creech-Eakman, M. J.; Haniff, C. A.; Buscher, D. F.; Schartmann, M.; Chiavassa, A.; Elvis, M.
Abstract: We present simulated observations of surface features on red supergiant stars and clumpy dust structures surrounding active galactic nuclei with the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI). These represent two of the classes of astrophysical targets enumerated in the MROI Key Science Mission that are typical of the types of complex astrophysical phenomena that the MROI has been designed to image. Image reconstructions, obtained using the BSMEM imaging package, are presented for 4-, 6-, and 8-telescope implementations of the array.
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