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Paper: Software for Astrometry with PRIMA at the VLTI
Volume: 487, Resolving The Future Of Astronomy With Long-Baseline Interferometry
Page: 321
Authors: Köhler, R.; Launhardt, R.; Quirrenbach, A.; Henning, T.; Queloz, D.
Abstract: PRIMA (Phase-Referenced Imaging and Microarcsecond Astrometry) is an ESO/VLTI instrument designed for phase-referenced imaging and narrow-angle astrometry, dedicated to exoplanet detection. Astrometric detection of planets requires a precision of 10–30 μarcsec. For an interferometer with a baseline of 100 m, this corresponds to measuring the (differential) optical path difference with a precision of 5–15 nanometers. This precision can only be achieved with careful calibration of the instrument, including effects that are irrelevant for almost any other scientific application. Here we describe the data reduction software that will apply all these calibrations and corrections.
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