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Paper: Starspot Imaging with the CHARA Array
Volume: 487, Resolving The Future Of Astronomy With Long-Baseline Interferometry
Page: 345
Authors: Parks, J. R.; White, R. J.; Schaefer, G. H.; Monnier, J. D.; Henry, G. W.; McAlister, H. A.; ten Brummelaar, T. A.
Abstract: We present six H band interferometric images of cool starspots on the chromospherically active giant Lambda Andromedae. Images span ∼75% of the rotational period with a cadence of ∼1 week. The data were obtained using all six telescopes in the CHARA array with the MIRC beam combiner. Model solutions show cool starspots evenly distributed in longitude. The starspots have an average covering factor of 9.6% with a Tsp/Teff = 0.94. We obtained consistent results between model solutions and MACIM reconstructions. The results of simulations testing model fidelity based on u,v sampling are presented. In addition, we present evidence interferometrically measured diameters are insensitive to cool starspot presence at an ∼2.5% confidence level.
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