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Paper: Period Variations of the Eclipsing Binary Systems T LMi and VX Lac
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 273
Authors: Yilmaz, M.; Izci, D. D.; Gümüş, D.; Özavci, İ; Selam, S. O.
Abstract: We present a period analysis of the two Algol-type eclipsing binary systems T LMi and VX Lac using all available times of minimum in the literature, as well as new minima obtained at the Ankara University Kreiken Observatory. The period analysis of T LMi suggests mass transfer between the components and also a third body that is dynamically bound to the binary system. The analysis of VX Lac also suggests mass transfer between the components, and the presence of a third and a fourth body under the assumption of a Light-Time Effect. In addition, the periodic variation of VX Lac was examined under the hypothesis of magnetic activity, and the corresponding parameters were derived. We report here the orbital parameters for both systems, along with the ones related to mass transfer, and those for the third and fourth bodies.
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