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Paper: Magnetohydrodynamics with Chombo: Tests and First results
Volume: 359, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2006
Page: 25
Authors: Kryukov, I.A.; Borovikov, S.N.; Pogorelov, N.V.; Zank, G.P.
Abstract: DOE's SciDAC adaptive mesh refinement code Chombo has been modified for solution of compressible MHD flows with the application of high resolution, shock-capturing numerical schemes. The code is verified against several standard 1D and 2D MHD test flows involving multiple discontinuities, such as an Orszag–Tang vortex problem, rotor problems, blast wave interactions with dense clouds, Kelvin–Helmholtz instability, etc., and we show here. The results of several such tests are presented. We also summarize the first results obtained using a multifluid model of the solar wind – interstellar medium interaction. It is shown that the heliopause is subject to both Rayleigh–Taylor and Kelvin– Helmholtz instabilities.
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