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Paper: Development of the Universal Tunable Filter and High-resolution Imaging Observation with the Fuxian Solar Observatory
Volume: 504, Coimbra Solar Physics Meeting: Ground-based Solar Observations in the Space Instrumentation Era
Page: 103
Authors: Hagino, M.; Ichimoto, K.; Ueno, S.; Kimura, G.; Otsuji, K.; Kitai, R.; Zhong, L.; Xu, Z.; Shinoda, K.; Hara, H.; Suematsu, Y.; Shimizu, T.
Abstract: We have developed a new narrow-band universal tunable filter to perform imaging spectroscopy of the solar chromosphere. The development stage of the filter has been almost finished and we shifted to the scientific observation phase by using large grand-based telescopes. Using the filter, a series of high-resolution images were obtained with the 1m vacuum solar telescope at the Fuxian Solar Observatory. We succeeded in observing several flares and fine structures of the chromospheric layer.
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