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Paper: Modeling the Complete Lightcurve of ω CMa
Volume: 506, Bright Emissaries: Be Stars as Messengers of Star-Disk Physics
Page: 315
Authors: Ghoreyshi, M. R.; Carciofi, A. C.; Bjorkman, J.; Rivinius, T.; Baade, D.; Štefl, S.; Okazaki, A.
Abstract: We have used the radiative transfer code HDUST to analyze and interpret the long-term photometric behavior of the Be star ω CMa, considering four complete cycles of disk formation and dissipation. This is the first time in which a full lightcurve of a Be star was investigated and modeled including both disk build-up and dissipation phases. Based on the quite good fit of the observed data we were able to derive the history of stellar mass decretion rates (including long- and short-term changes) during the disk formation and dissipation phases in all four cycles.
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