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Paper: Formation of the Helium Line 10830 Å in Biconical Winds of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 36
Authors: Ermolaeva, T. A.; Grinin, V. P.; Dmitriev, D. V.
Abstract: Pre-main-sequence phase of stellar evolution is accompanied with the mass loss from young stars caused by the interaction between star and its surrounding environment. Mass loss in the form of different kinds of winds plays an important role in forming the emission spectra of stars. In this study we investigate the origin of the line He I 10830 Å in biconical winds of Herbig Ae/Be stars. We consider two types of the wind: a hot wind (Te=106K), and a“warm” wind (Te=9000–15000K) which is ionized by an X-ray emission. Calculations were performed using the microphysics code CLOUDY, version 13.03. It is shown, that “warm” wind model can explain the observed helium 10830 Å line profiles.
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