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Paper: Optical and Infrared Variability of UX Ori-Type Stars
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 40
Authors: Rostopchina-Shakhovskaya, A.; Grinin, V.; Shenavrin, V.; Shakhovskoy, D.; Demidova, T.; Belan, S.
Abstract: Analyzing data of the long-term simultaneous NIR and optical photometry of five UX Ori type stars we estimate intrinsic NIR luminosity of their circumstellar disks in I, J, H bands. The H to J flux ratio for WW Vul, CQ Tau, RR Tau, UX Ori is consistent with 1500 K blackbody radiation, a typical temperature of dust sublimation. For the same stars except RR Tau, J to I flux ratio suggests much hotter source with T>2000 K, probably the inner dust-free disk. In case of RR Tau this value is close to 1500 K, implying sublimating dust as a main contributor in all three bands. The SED for BF Ori differs from the rest of objects, with flux density peaking in J band, probably due to an unresolved cool companion.
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