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Paper: Be Stars in Open Clusters
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 132
Authors: Tarasov, A. E.
Abstract: Based on high and medium resolution spectra, we analyze the population of Be stars in young open clusters. We have found a clear dependence of the relative content of early-type (B0–B3) stars on the cluster age. The relative concentration of Be stars of spectral types B0–B3 gradually increases with cluster age, reaching its maximum value 0.46 in clusters with ages of 12–20 Myr. Such a distribution of Be stars in clusters unequivocally points to the evolutionary status of the Be phenomenon. Two possibilities of Be stars' origin is discussed. The first one is for single B stars with rotational velocities increasing from moderate in the beginning of their life on Main Sequence (MS) to near critical in the end of MS. The second one includes evolution of close double systems, that are widely spreaded among early type stars.
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