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Paper: Rapid Spectral Variability of the Symbiotic Star CH Cyg During One Night
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 170
Authors: Mikayilov, Kh. M.; Rustamov, B. N.; Alakbarov, I. A.; Rustamova, A. B.
Abstract: During one night (15.07.2015), within 6 hours 14 echelle spectrograms of this star were obtained. It was revealed that the profile of Ha and Hβ lines have two-component emission structure with a central absorption, parameters which vary from spectrum to spectrum during the night. The intensity of blue emission component (V) have been changed strongly during the night: the value of ratio of intensities of violet and red components (V/R) of line Hα decreased from 0:93 to 0:49 in the beginning and then increased to a value of 0.97. The synchronous variations of values of V/R for the Hα and Hβ lines have been revealed. The parameters of blue emission components of Hα and of line Hel λ5876 Å are correlated. We propose that revealed by us the rapid spectral changes in the spectrum of the star CH Cyg could be connected with a flickering in the optical brightness of the star that is typical for the active phase of this system.
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