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Paper: A Study of Massive Stars with an Initial Mass of 50 M at Different Evolutionary Stages
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 192
Authors: Maryeva, O.
Abstract: We present the results of the studies of several massive stars at different evolutionary stages but with similar initial masses: O supergiants from the Cyg OB2 association, unique LBV/post-LBV Romano's star, and two Wolf–Rayet stars WR156 and FSZ35. All these stars have similar initial masses of about 50 M. It allows us to consider them a single star at different moments of life, which gives the opportunity to track the changes in physical parameters (such as effective temperature, luminosity, mass loss rate, wind velocity) and chemical abundances during the life of a massive star. It is important to test current evolution theories for such objects.
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