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Paper: A Study of the Orion Trapezium Brightest Star θ1 Ori C
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 209
Authors: Vitrichenko, E. A.; Bondar, N. I.; Bychkova, L. V.; Bychkov, V. D.
Abstract: It is found that the most bright and massive star in the Orion Trapezium θ1 Ori C, which illuminates the nebula, is at least a triple system. One of the components is a spectroscopic binary. The presence of two stars located in the line of sight and escaping the system in different directions has also been found. The study of this system is difficult for several reasons: a complex and variable spectrum, the influence of the magnetic field, stellar wind, and other factors. We give a concrete example of taking into account the influence of stellar wind controlled by a global magnetic field on radial velocity measurements.
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