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Paper: On the Nature of Rotation Period Variability of Magnetic Stars
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 220
Authors: Mikulášek, Z. Z.; Krtička, J.; Janík, J.; Henry, G. W.; Zejda, M.; Shultz, M.; Paunzen, E.; Jagelka, M.
Abstract: The magnetic chemically peculiar (mCP) stars of the upper main sequence exhibit periodic light, magnetic, radio, and spectroscopic variations that can be adequately explained by a model of a rigidly rotating magnetized star with persistent surface structures. The majority of mCP stars rotate at strictly constant periods. However, there are a few mCP stars whose rotation periods vary on timescales of decades while the shape of their phase curves remains unchanged. In the case of CU Vir and V901 Ori, we have detected cyclic period variations. We demonstrate that the period oscillations of CU Vir may be a consequence of the interaction of the internal magnetic field and differential rotation.
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