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Paper: A Catalog of Averaged Magnetic Curves
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 233
Authors: Bychkov, V. D.; Bychkova, L. V.; Madej, J.
Abstract: The second version of the catalog contains information about 275 stars of different types. Since the first catalog was created, the situation fundamentally changed primarily due to a significant increase of accuracy of magnetic field (MF) measurements. Up to now, global magnetic fields were discovered and measured in stars of many types and their behavior was partially studied. Magnetic behavior of Ap/Bp stars was studied most thoroughly. The catalog contains data on 182 such objects. The main goals for the construction of the catalog are: 1) to review and summarize our knowledge about magnetic behavior of stars of different types; 2) the whole data are uniformly presented and processed which will allow one to perform statistical analysis of the variability of (longitudinal) magnetic fields of stars; 3) the data are presented in the most convenient way for testing different theoretical models; 4) the catalog will be useful for development of observational programs.
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