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Paper: On the Origin of Intense Radio Emission from Ultracool Stars
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 284
Authors: Stepanov, A.; Zaitsev, V.; Kronshtadtov, P.
Abstract: We propose a coherent plasma mechanism for intense highly-polarized radio emission from ultracool dwarfs. Dissipation of electric currents leads to heating of the plasma and to evaporation of a thin ‘pressed-down' atmosphere. As a result, the condition ωp>ωe at coronal levels required for the plasma mechanism of radio emission is fulfilled. In addition, for energetic electrons, we suggest a pumping mechanism based on electric current oscillations in a coronal loop, which can explain the intense long-term radio emission from ultracool dwarfs. We also determined the parameters of the Langmuir turbulence which are consistent with the observed properties of the radio emission from ultracool stars.
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