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Paper: Variability of the SiII 6347 Å and 6371 Å Lines in the Spectra of HD 200775
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 313
Authors: Bisyarina, A.; Sobolev, A.; Gorda, S.
Abstract: We report the variability of SiII 6347 Å and SiII 6371 Å emission lines in the spectra of Herbig Be star HD 200775. The star displays changes in the line velocities which correspond to the binary system with the orbital period about 3.7 years. Analysis of the SiII lines was performed on the basis of the newly-obtained and archive optical spectral data over about 20-year time interval. The 1.2-m telescope of Kourovka Astronomical Observatory of the Ural Federal University was used to obtain the new data. The most significant changes in the line profiles occur in three velocity ranges (–50–0 km/s, 0–40 km/s and 40–150 km/s). The variability in the SiII emission lines correlates with the orbital period.
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