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Paper: Detected Timing for Exoplanet TrES-5b. Possible Existence of Exoplanet TrES-5c
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 344
Authors: Sokov, E. N.; Sokova, I. A.; Dyachenko, V. V.; Rastegaev, D. A.; Rusov, S. A.
Abstract: In this paper, we present timing variations detected for the TrES-5b exoplanet. To obtain necessary photometric data for this exoplanet, we have organized an international campaign for exoplanet searching based on the Transit Timing Variation (TTV) method. We managed to collect N light curves for TrEs-5b. On the basis of the obtained data, we detected timing variations with the period P ≈ 100 days. We carried out the N-body modelling by means of the three-body problem. We detected a perturbation of TrES-5b which can be caused by a second exoplanet in the TrES-5 system. We calculated possible masses and resonances of the objects: M ∼ 0.24 Mjup on the 1:2 Resonance and M ∼ 3.15 Mjup on the 1:3 Resonance.
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