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Paper: May Wide Triple Star Systems Be Flat?
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 364
Authors: Izmailov, I. S.; Roshchina, E. A.
Abstract: We studied the possibility of flat solutions for triple systems. For the analysis we chose the systems of type I: a close pair with a distant companion, with known orbits where the satellite shows significant relative motion. We calculated two variants of the orbit for the wide pairs — with the condition of coplanarity of orbits of close and wide pair, and without it. If the sum of squared residuals for orbit determined with the condition is not increased, it may be assumed that the system is flat. Among reviewed fifteen triple systems, the following ones may be flat: WDS 20474+3629, 00321+6715, 01198-0031, 02291+6724, 05239-0052, 06003-3102, 08122+1739, 10370-0850, 17066+0039. Other systems are not able to have the coplanar orbits of wide and close pair: WDS 8592+4803, 01350-2955, 02022+3643, 04400+5328 and 08468+0625. Three of them have a retrograde motion.
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