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Paper: Magnetization of Stellar Wind in the High-Mass X-Ray Binary OAO 1657-415
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 444
Authors: Kim, V. Yu.; Ikhsanov, N. R.
Abstract: Spin evolution of the X-ray pulsar OAO 1657-415 in a wind-fed High Mass X-ray Binary (HMXB) is discussed. We suggest that its regular spin-up behaviour superposed with the spin-up/down episodes can be explained in terms of the Magnetic Levitation Accretion scenario (MLA scenario). This implies that the neutron star captures matter from a magnetized stellar wind of its massive companion. The magnetic field of the wind at a distance of the orbital separation within this scenario can be limited within the range of 20–70 mG.
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