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Paper: A Sample of Cataclysmic Variables from the 400d X-Ray Survey
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 461
Authors: Burenin, R.; Revnivtsev, M.; Tkachenko, A.; Vorobyev, V.; Semena, A.; Meshcheryakov, A.; Dodonov, S.; Eselevich, M.; Pavlinsky, M.
Abstract: We present a sample of eight cataclysmic variables (CVs) identified among the X-ray sources of the 400 square degree (400d) X-ray ROSAT/PSPC survey. Based on this sample, we have obtained preliminary constraints on the X-ray luminosity function of CVs in the solar neighbourhood in the range of low luminosities, LX1029–1030 erg s-1 (0.5–2 keV). We show that the logarithmic slope of the CV luminosity function in this luminosity range is less steep than that at LX >1031 erg s-1. Our results show that of order of thousand CVs will be detected in the SRG/eROSITA all-sky survey at high Galactic latitudes, which will allow to obtain much more accurate measurements of their X-ray luminosity function.
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