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Paper: LBV Stars and Young Stellar Clusters in M33. Age Estimates
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 470
Authors: Dikaneva, A.; Fabrika, S.; Vinokurov, A.; Sholukhova, O.; Valeev, A.
Abstract: We present the result of age estimates of the young stellar groups and LBV stars in the galaxy M33. We assume that LBVs and LBV candidates may be formed inside young stellar groups or clusters. In that case LBV stars have to be inside or in a close proximity to the stellar groups and to have an age the same as those of stellar groups. For 8 known LBVs and 29 candidates in M33 we selected clusters which can be associated with them. The selection criteria were the distance from LBV to a cluster and Hα nebula associated with the cluster or stellar group. The images were taken from Massey et al. (2006). We have found the M33 data from HST/WFPC2 for 19 clusters, these data were used for photometry. The result of the photometry and isochrones were displayed on the CM diagrams. We have estimated the stellar groups ages, related LBV stars and LBV candidates, all the ages are in a good agreement.
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