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Paper: Metallicity of Stars and Parameters of Host Galaxies
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 488
Authors: Tikhonov, N.
Abstract: On the basis of archival ACS/WFC images of the Hubble space telescope we carried out a stellar photometry of 46 irregular galaxies. On the received Hertzsprung-Russel diagrams (CM-diagrams), branches of red supergiants and giants were allocated. We determined the distances to galaxies and metallicity of red giants by the TRGB-method. For red supergiants the color index (V-I) of stars at the level of MI = –7 was accepted as an equivalent of metallicity. We constructed the distributions of the number density of stars of different age along the radius of galaxies and determined the spatial sizes of subsystems of these stars. Dependences between metallicities of stars of different age, and also between metallicity and global parameters of galaxies — sizes of stellar subsystems and brightness of galaxies — were found.
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