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Paper: A Catalogue of the Radio Sources and a Search for Radio Emission from the Stars at the RATAN-600
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 500
Authors: Bursov, N. N.; Kudryashova, A. A.
Abstract: With the RATAN-600 radio telescope we received a new RZF catalogue that contains 760 sources at the wavelength 6.2 cm. The measured flux densities are the higher 5 mJy. From cross-identification of the sources of the catalog with other ones the spectra and power-law fitting were made for spectral indices. We have studied the stars that could be detected in the survey. The optical counterparts of 552 sources have been found with the SDSS server and the NED data base. We have identified these stars in SDSS catalog and obtained other optical data.
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