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Paper: Program Package for the Analysis of High Resolution High Signal-To-Noise Stellar Spectra
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 509
Authors: Piskunov, N.; Ryabchikova, T.; Pakhomov, Yu.; Sitnova, T.; Alekseeva, S.; Mashonkina, L.; Nordlander, T.
Abstract: The program package SME (Spectroscopy Made Easy), designed to perform an analysis of stellar spectra using spectral fitting techniques, was updated due to adding new functions (isotopic and hyperfine splittins) in VALD and including grids of NLTE calculations for energy levels of few chemical elements. SME allows to derive automatically stellar atmospheric parameters: effective temperature, surface gravity, chemical abundances, radial and rotational velocities, turbulent velocities, taking into account all the effects defining spectral line formation. SME package uses the best grids of stellar atmospheres that allows us to perform spectral analysis with the similar accuracy in wide range of stellar parameters and metallicities – from dwarfs to giants of BAFGK spectral classes.
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