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Paper: SAINT: a Wide-Field Multichannel Optical Telescope Project
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 530
Authors: Beskin, G.; Biryukov, A.; Bondar, S.; Ivanov, E.; Karpov, S.; Katkova, E.; Orekhova, N.; Perkov, A.; Plokhotnichenko, V.; Sasyuk, V.
Abstract: Here we present the project of a Small Aperture Imaging Network Telescope (SAINT), which consists of 500 small telescopes – channels – with 1 sq.deg. fields of view each. The telescope operates either in wide-field monitoring mode, covering 500 square degrees of the sky simultaneously with 0.1 s temporal resolution and detection limit of about 22–23 mag in 1000 s, or in follow-up regime, upon detection of a transient. In the latter case, all the channels immediately repoint towards the transient for its detailed (multicolor, polarimetric, spectroscopic) investigation. In this regime, SAINT is equivalent to 8-m telescope and may be used to solve most of standard astrophysical problems.
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