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Paper: Observations of GAIA Objects at the TUG Observatory
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 535
Authors: Esenoglu, H. H.; Galeev, A.; Khamitov, I.
Abstract: TUG is a part of the Gaia network. TUG telescopes of RTT150, T100 and T60 perform photometric and spectroscopic observations of unique objects discovered by Gaia. We present observations of Gaia sources based on by using the telescopes. It is selected Gaia objects that are candidates in cataclysmic variables of the site. Follow-up and project observations of many Gaia objects were carried out at TUG. The flux variations of one of them Gaia14aat has been studied. It was found its range of 1.63 mag for 5 days. Some preliminary results of data processing for this object are presented. The study of the Gaia14aat and the others will be continued.
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