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Paper: Spectroscopic Investigation of Markarian Galaxies from SDSS
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 192
Authors: Gyulzadyan, M. V.; Mickaelian, A. M.; Abrahamyan, H. V.; Paronyan, G. M.; Mikayelyan, G. A.
Abstract: Beginning in the mid-1960s and continuing through 1978, the first large area objective-prism survey for galaxies with blue and ultraviolet excess in their continuum radiation was conducted by Markarian, Lipovetskii and Stepanian (published in Lists I-XV). Observations were carried out using primarily a 1.5° objective prism with the 4000/5200 (1.0/1.3 m) Schmidt telescope at Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory. Their setup produced an inverse dispersion of 2500 Å/mm at Hβ (Markarian 1967). The publication of the List XV (Markarian et al. 1981) completed the Markarian Survey (also known as FBS, First Byurakan Survey). We present some average characteristics for 700 Markarian galaxies derived from SDSS images and spectra. Keywords. surveys – galaxies: active – galaxies: Seyfert – galaxies: starburst.
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