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Paper: 7 Years of .Astronomy: Building the Astronomy Community of the Future
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 23
Authors: Kendrew, S.; Simpson, R.; Allan, A.; Bauer, A.; Lintott, C. J.; Ödman-Govender, C.; Smith, A.
Abstract: Technological innovation has changed the face of scientific research: the growth of the web and mobile computing, the cost reduction of data storage and processing power, and advances in large format detector arrays have brought us to an era of “always on” connectivity and our data discovery capabilities in the petabyte regime are increasingly critical for scientific progress. The.Astronomy conferences, now in their 7th year, bring together a diverse community of scientists, developers, engineers and educators to discuss innovative ways of exploiting the numerous capabilities offered by the web for research and public engagement in an open, participant-led conference format. The conferences are an opportunity for a young generation of scientists with exceptional technical or creative skills to share their knowledge and ideas, and collaborate outside of the confines of their day-to-day research. This philosophy is inspiring other conference organisers, and Astronomy Hack Days are now routinely organised at American Astronomical Society meetings, the UK National Astronomy Meetings, and SPIE conferences. Our aim is for.Astronomy to be a driving force in building a creative, dynamic and innovative community of astronomers.
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