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Paper: Reference Data Management Through CRDS and Extended Management Tools
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 121
Authors: Diaz, R. I.
Abstract: The accuracy and correctness of the calibration software and tools like APT, ETC, and pysynphot, used to support HST and in the future JWST, depend greatly on the data they use. The large number of reference data delivered on regular basis requires careful validation and verification against the systems that will use them. These, in some cases, are also used in more than one of these systems. The Reference Data for Calibration and Tools (ReDCaT) Management Team, makes use of the Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS) to track and validate reference data used by the calibration pipelines. In the case of planning and analysis tools, the ReDCaT team is in the process to develop a different system, one that will address their particular needs. Here I describe both systems and how these can help users to identify the best and most current reference data for their calculations.
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