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Paper: The Design and Application of Astronomy Data Lake in China-VO
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 157
Authors: Li, C.; Cui, C.; He, B.; Fan, D.; Wang, J.; Li, S.; Mi, L.; Wan, W.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Yu, C.; Xiao, J.; Wang, C.; Cao, Z.; Fan, Y.; Hong, Z.; Wang, J.; Yin, S.; Liu, L.; Chen, X.
Abstract: With the coming of many large astronomy observation facilities, such as LAMOST, TMT, FAST, LSST, SKA, data storage for these facilities is facing big challenges. Astronomy Data Lake, a distributed storage system is designed to meet these requirements in the big data era. Astronomy Data Lake, basing on a master-slave framework, integrates many geographic distributed data storage resources into a single mount point. It implements automatic data backup and disaster recovery, with easy expansion capability. Based on this system, we developed many data storage services, including database storage, private file storage, computing data and paper data services for astronomers.
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