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Paper: Significant Populations, Lessons Learned from the Sagittarius Stream
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 301
Authors: Hyde, E. A.; Keller, S.; Zucker, D. B.; Ibata, R.; Siebert, A.; Lewis, G. F.; Penarrubia, J.; Irwin, M.; Gilmore, G.; Lane, R. R.; Koch, A.; Conn, A. R.; Diakogiannis, F. I.; Martell, S.
Abstract: Wrapping around the Milky Way, the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy and its associated stream form the dominant substructure in the halo. Through the use of spectroscopic and photometric selection criteria as well as statistical selection, we have identified 106 likely members of the Sagittarius stream. With this selection we found that the Sagittarius trailing arm exhibits a metallicity gradient, evolving from –0.59 dex to –0.97 dex over the stream. This selection technique is but one possibility for processing of the astronomical data and we note several possible future improvements.
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