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Paper: Data Reduction of Multi-wavelength Observations
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 415
Authors: Pilia, M.; Trois, A.; Pellizzoni, A. P.; Bachetti, M.; Piano, G.; Poddighe, A.; Egron, E.; Iacolina, M. N.; Melis, A.; Concu, R.; Possenti, A.; Tender Project
Abstract: We are developing a software to combine gamma-ray data from multiple telescopes with the aim to cross calibrate different instruments, test their data quality and to allow the confirmation of transient events using different instruments. In particular, we present the first applications using pulsar data from the AGILE and Fermi satellites and show how we solved the issues relative to combining different datasets and rescaling the parameters of different telescopes. In this way we extend the energy range observed by a single telescope and we can detect fainter objects. As a second step, we apply the technique of pulsar gating to the imaging data of the satellites combined, to look for pulsar wind nebulae. The same procedure is adopted in the radio domain, using data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT). We aim to be able to use similar techniques for multifrequency datasets spanning a large range of the electromagnetic spectrum. We also present the work in progress to include the automatic search for gamma-ray counterparts within the pipeline for pulsar search in radio.
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