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Paper: Data Processing Pipelines for Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 435
Authors: Meng, X.-M.; Wei, J.-Y.; Cao, L.; Qiu, Y.-L.; Wu, C.; Wang, J.; Han, X.-H.; Deng, J.-S.; Xin, L.-P.; Cai, H.-B.
Abstract: We developed data processing pipelines for the pointing and survey program data reduction of the Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT), which belongs to the Chang'e-3 mission of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program. Procedures for stray light removing, flat fielding employing a superflat technique, photometry strategy, fake sources cleaning through clustering analysis, aperture correction, were specially developed for LUT data processing. The pipelines work automatically and have finished processing the data of a 1600 deg2 survey program and all the variable stars monitoring programs.
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