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Paper: Mid-Infrared Astronomy with the E-ELT: Data Reduction Software for METIS
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 449
Authors: Mach, M.; Zeilinger, W. W.; Köhler, R.; Czoske, O.; Leschinski, K.; Kausch, W.; Przybilla, N.; Ratzka, T.; Greimel, R.; Leitzinger, M.; Ramlau, R.; Brandl, B.; Güdel, M.; Ziegler, B.; Alves, J.
Abstract: We present an overview of the on- and off-line data reduction pipeline to produce science ready data as well as quality control parameters for METIS. The paper summarizes the current status of our efforts in this project and highlights the particular challenges of developing a robust and versatile data reduction environment for an instrument of a 40 meter-class telescope.
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