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Paper: Virtual Observatory Virtual Reality
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 485
Authors: Polsterer, K. L.; Taylor, M. B.
Abstract: The virtual observatory(VO) and its standards have become a success story in providing uniform access to a huge amount of data sets. Those data sets contain correlations, distributions, and relations that have to be unveiled. Visualization has always been a key tool to understand complex structures. Typically high-dimensional information is projected to a two dimensional plane to create a diagnostic plot. Besides expensive stereoscopic visualization cubes, stereoscopic displays provide an affordable tool to peek into a three dimensional data space. We present a low-cost immersive visualization environment that makes use of a smart-phone, a game controller and a simple stereoscopic viewer. This simple equipment allows you to explore your data more naturally by flying through your data space. The presented software consists of a central server application running on a computer and a client implementation performing the rendering on multiple smart-phones, enabling users to inspect the data jointly. As the server application uses the VO simple application messaging protocol (SAMP), it is seamlessly integrated with other VO tools, like TOPCAT or Aladin. Access the data in the usual way and employ Virtual Observatory Virtual Reality (VOVR) to explore it.
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