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Paper: ESA Sky: A New Astronomy Multi-Mission Interface
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 495
Authors: Merín, B.; Salgado, J.; Giordano, F.; Baines, D.; Sarmiento, M.-H.; Martí, B. L.; Racero, E.; Gutiérrez, R.; Pollock, A.; Rosa, M.; Castellanos, J.; González, J.; León, I.; Ortiz de Landaluce, I.; de Teodoro, P.; Nieto, S.; Lennon, D. J.; Arviset, C.; de Marchi, G.; O'Mullane, W.
Abstract: We present a science-driven discovery portal for all the ESA Astronomy Missions, called ESA Sky, that allows users to explore the multi-wavelength sky and to seamlessly retrieve science-ready data in all ESA Astronomy mission archives from a web application without prior-knowledge of any of the missions. The first public beta1 of the service has been released, currently featuring an interface for exploration of the multi-wavelength sky and for single and/or multiple target searches of science-ready imaging data and catalogues. Future releases will enable retrieval of spectra and will have special time-domain exploration features. From a technical point of view, the system offers progressive multi-resolution all-sky projections of full mission datasets using a new generation of HEALPix projections called HiPS, developed at the CDS; detailed geometrical footprints to connect the all-sky mosaics to individual observations; and direct access to science-ready data at the underlying mission-specific science archives.
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