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Paper: SPHERE TDB: Catalogue Management, Observation Planning and Detection Visualization
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 527
Authors: Gross, A.; Meunier, J.C.; Surace, C.; Le Coroller, H.; Agneray, F.
Abstract: SPHERE is the extreme adaptive optics system and coronagraphic facility at the VLT. Its goal is imaging, low-resolution spectroscopic, and polarimetric characterisation of extra-solar planetary systems. We developed at CeSAM1 (Centre de Données Astrophysiques de Marseille) the SPHERE Target DataBase (TDB), a web based information system aiming at the management of the catalogue of the NIRSUR guaranteed time survey dedicated to the search and the characterisation of Giant Planets. For observation preparation, the TDB makes it possible to select targets with multiple criteria. Results are formatted and sent to the set of tools in order to optimise the observation plan. TDB2 also keeps track of all NIRSUR observations and resulting detections. In the second step, TDB offers the possibility to visualise detections and to ease the determination of false positives.
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