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Paper: IVOA Provenance Data Model: Hints from the CTA Provenance Prototype
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 581
Authors: Sanguillon, M.; Servillat, M.; Louys, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Boisson, C.; Brégeon, J.
Abstract: We present the latest developments of the IVOA Provenance data model, mainly based on the W3C PROV concept. In the context of Cherenkov astronomy, the data processing stages imply both assumptions and comparison to dedicated simulations. As a consequence, Provenance information is crucial to the end user in order to interpret the high level data products. The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), currently in preparation, is thus a perfect test case for the development of an IVOA standard on Provenance information. We describe general use-cases for the computational Provenance in the CTA production pipeline and explore the proposed W3C notations like PROV-N formats, as well as Provenance access solutions.
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