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Paper: TOPCAT's TAP Client
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 589
Authors: Taylor, M. B.
Abstract: TAP, the Table Access Protocol, is a Virtual Observatory (VO) protocol for executing queries in remote relational databases using ADQL, an SQL-like query language. It is one of the most powerful components of the VO, but also one of the most complex to use, with an extensive stack of associated standards. We present here recent improvements to the client and GUI for interacting with TAP services from the TOPCAT table analysis tool. As well as managing query submission and result retrieval, the GUI attempts to provide the user with as much help as possible in locating services, understanding service metadata and capabilities, and constructing correct and useful ADQL queries. The implementation and design are, unlike previous versions, both usable and performant even for the largest TAP services.
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