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Paper: JNanocubes: On-the-fly Generation of HiPS Density Maps for Exploration and Visualization of Large Datasets
Volume: 512, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV
Page: 625
Authors: Pineau, F.-X.; Boch, T.
Abstract: We present a follow-up on JNanocubes, an astronomy oriented Java implementation of the nanocubes data structure. Nanocubes is developed by AT&T Research who provide C++ open source code. We have adapted it so that it can be used to enable the exploration and visualization of large astronomical data sets, in the particular framework of Hierarchical Progressive Survey (HiPS). By using HiPS, the spatial indexation is based on HEALPix, and we make use of the Aladin Lite HiPS visualiser. JNanocubes allows on-the-fly generation of individual HiPS tiles where each tile is a density map that is constructed from the catalogue data with user-provided constraints. We report new major developments including: the serialization of the data structure; the support of multi-dimensional discretized parameters; linked access to the original records. We illustrate these new features with tests made on color-color diagrams of over one hundred million sources extracted from the SDSS catalogue.
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